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Cloth Basics

Short answer: between 20 and 30 for full time use.

Long answer: it really depends! 

Younger babies go through more nappies than older babies - anywhere from 10-12 for newborns to about 5-6 for a ten month old. These numbers are averages only though, and your baby might be very different. You know best! 

It also strongly depends on how often you want to do your main nappy wash - every day? Every second or third day? The more frequent you're happy to wash, the less nappies you'll need. 

I'd recommend getting a few nappies to start, try them out, have fun, play around a bit. Just use one here or there in between disposables, or do a full day of cloth! Slowly build your stash (your collection of cloth nappies) and if you feel like you're washing drying and stuffing your nappies a bit too frequently, you'll know to get some more. 

Short answer: 

  1. Daily prewash: 40-60 degrees, 30-60 minutes long, half a scoop of Persil Ultimate
  2. Main wash every 2-3 days: 60 degrees, 2-3 hours long, full scoop of Persil Ultimate
  3. Line dry preferred - dryer is ok for inserts (but not shells!)

Long answer: please check our wash routine post HERE 🤗

Easy! Having what’s called a wet bag will help you out here. 

Grab a couple clean nappies (or three…or four… depending on length of your errand and your babe’s change frequency) and put them in one pocket of your wet bag (or just have them loosely in your nappy bag). 

When it’s change time, simply pop the used nappy into the other pocket of your wet bag and zip it. Once home, chuck into dry pail. That is all! 👍

As for reusable wipes - some people pre-wet these and carry them in a small wet bag, then place in the “dirty” pocket of the bigger wet bag after use. 

Or just bring them along with you dry and have a small bottle of water handy to wet them when needed. 

Fear not, it’s not as hard or gross as you think!

Modern cloth nappies use a system called dry pailing, as opposed to wet pailing which used to be quite popular. All that means is that you put your used nappies in a well vented basket of some sort, and they wait there until it’s time for a prewash, and then wait some more until it’s time for the main wash.

Please check out this post for a detailed answer with visual aids 🤓