For absolute beginners: Jubel 101

If you're scrolling along and find yourself thinking What does it all mean??!?!?! and But how does it work??? - fair enough!
Cloth nappies can be quite confusing at first, so in this post I'll break down how our system works in really simple terms. 

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Our nappies are what's called a POCKET NAPPY and consist of two parts. 

Part 1: the SHELL.

This is the outer part of the nappy. It's got the pretty colour or pattern printed on its outside, and the athletic jersey on the inside that wicks away moisture from baby's bum. The shell itself is NOT absorbent - it holds pretty much nothing. It IS however made from water resistant fabric, which means it's good at keeping wet stuff in! Between the outside and inside fabrics is a pocket accessible from either end. This is where your insert goes.

Part 2: the INSERT.

This is the absorbent bit! It goes inside the shell and catches your babe's wee. Some people use only one, others use two. There are many different types of inserts that vary in fabric composition and absorbency. Please see here for a rundown on inserts.


"But what size do I need?"

That's the beauty of it: one size fits most from around 4kg to 18kg. This weight range is a guide only as it definitely depends on your baby's shape. You might find that one nappy brand will fit perfectly from start to finish of your babe's nappy days, but it's more likely that as they grow and change shape so much even in the first year, different brands might fit better or worse for a while. It's all a matter of trial and error, but don't worry, it's pretty fun! 

Generally speaking, there are two major ways in which our nappies are size adjustable: waist snaps, and rise snaps.

WAIST SNAPS adjust how tight or loose the nappy is around the hips.

RISE SNAPS adjust the size of the nappy's body and with that, also the size of the leg holes.


Still not so sure? Don't want to do this alone? No problem! Please join the Jubel Facebook Group - the Jubel Village. It's full of other parents who use and love Jubel nappies and are keen to help get you started. If you prefer a direct one on one, please message me (Zora) via Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, or email me anytime. I'd love to answer your questions!


front and back pocket openings


insert in back pocket opening


Waist and Rise Snaps on a Jubel nappy

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