About us

Frollein Motte Illustration
New mum Zora was initially drawn to reusable nappies due to their smaller environmental and financial impact, but (like many other cloth parents) she quickly cottoned on to a third aspect of reusables:
they are fun.

After weeks of overthinking cloth nappies, Zora finally took the plunge and soon realised two things:
1 it's really not rocket science
2 she should have started a lot sooner!

Before she knew it, she'd gone a little nappy mad and had started her own brand - JUBEL. Talk about making up for lost time.

Jubel was born out of Zora's desire to combine all of her favourite nappy features in one and make cloth not just affordable and simple, but also very easy on the eye. Realising the world of cloth can be a little overwhelming to start with, Jubel's major focus is on keeping things simple and being available to help when needed.

Zora is originally from Germany (hence all the funky nappy names!) and has called New Zealand home for the last eight years. When they're not peddling nappies, Zora, her man Dan and their sidekick Jack like exploring the great outdoors with bush walks and tree hugging. 

Illustration by the incredibly talented, funny, smart, and all around loveable Frollein Motte