SECONDS Bamboo Cotton Hemp Trifold

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This is a SECONDS item. The trifold itself is in perfect working order, but the snap is unusable. It is off centre and attached the wrong way around (so that the hemp cotton side would face out instead of in when folded). Use without snap instead 😊

Super thirsty, faster drying

The superstar of absorbent inserts! 

Three layers make up this genius trifold: two layers of heavy hemp cotton fabric (340 gsm), topped with one layer of thirsty and soft bamboo cotton. All the absorbency, none of the flooding risk. Folded up, this trifold boasts three layers of bamboo cotton and six layers of hemp cotton. Boom!

Use inside pocket as the main insert or booster, or simply snap in and lay on top - the choice is yours.

  • composition: one layer 70% bamboo, 30% cotton; two layers 55% hemp, 45% cotton
  • provides absorbency of a nine layer insert with a much faster drying time!
  • ideal for nighttime use
  • measures approximately 35 x 30 cm and fits perfectly into our nappies (please note: may be a tad too long if your baby is on the smaller two rise snap settings)
  • will shrink a little in the wash - gently pull back into shape while wet
  • prep: wash once before use. maximum absorbency will be reached after 6-8 washes, but you can start using the insert after the first wash. no need to soak.


soak overnight. maximum absorbency will be reached after 6-8 washes.bamboo-cotton-insert,bamboo-terry-insert,hemp-cotton-insert,bush